And again

It seems a bit repetetive to keep saying “I did this” or “I did that”. Well, you’ll have to out up with it as in today…

I managed about ten minutes for jogging around the flat before my ankle and feet started hurting. There must something about the flat that makes me run weirs.  

And so on…

Sunday, Monday…

One days rest had turned into two, but I have benefitted in other ways. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a massive dog person and by Saturday I was feeling in desparate need of some doggy attention. Thankfully we have family with dogs. 

On Sunday the plan was to borrow a dog and take him for a walk but the weather had other ideas (hello rain). No matter, an afternoon spent chatting with family and playing with the crazy dog was well worth it. 

I also spent some time messaging some friends  (anyone who knows me, also knows that I’m terrible at replying to messages) and learning some German. My Husband reminded me last week that one of my new year resolution’s was to be con disentangle enough to have a conversation on German with my German friends when they to come to visit (5 months and counting) – engage panic mode.

Today was movie Monday with my mates – at H’s house where she made cheese and potato pie in crusty rolls and we started our next marathon (Bridget Jones). Cue a few snacks and chats later, a sleepy me is on her way home. I was hoping to go the bike for half an hour, but I’m perfectly happy crawling into bed early(ish) for a change.  

Chilling and relaxing 

Frost painted the bus stop this morning, the bus doors let in more frigid air than anything else and I still stayed on the bus rather than walk an extra few minutes. 

No gym today, but I did do the washing up and 30 minutes on the bike (while watching disney songs on YouTube again). 

I am planning to be up early enough tomorrow morning that no one sees me running.I should be running 6 miles, but I’ll be happy with 5 or 4 or 3. 

Now to watch a movie while dinner cooks. 

The other training 

Training for a half marathon is not the only thing that requires planning. There’s a lot of things that require planning,  but today it’s German. For years I have been teaching myself on and off with varying degrees of ferocity. This evening I pulled out all the resources I have at my fingertips – apps, books, flashcards – and listed them all. Then I promptly left them all piled in the middle of the rug, pulled my exercise bike out and searched YouTube until I found a playlist of Disney songs in German. 

Half an hour later and at least I’ve done my exercise for the day. 

As soon as I had walked in the door and got changed, I got into my running gear and jogged around the flat.Headphones in, I let my imagination run wild as I jogged up and down the flat. I managed 25 out of 35 minutes (not too bad) and even made myself jump out of my skin when the Husband appeared in the hallway. 

I’m glad I did it as soon as I got back from work. I have a feeling that if I had waited,I would have kept putting it off all evening. As it is, after running I washed up, cooked dinner, treated myself to a bath (bye bye last of my Lush bathbombs, I shall miss you) and watched (part of) an episode of Sherlock Holmes. 

Now I’m off to bed and trying to resist the urge to mess around on my phone any longer. 

Mikado Monday 

I like Mikado, like, really, really like them. Two boxes between three friends is probably not enough. But we do have scones and cream and jam as well. 

Tonight is the last night of our “Twiathalon” as H calls it. Not at my flat for a change, so no tidying up for me tonight. Instead I’ll be going on the exercise bike once I get in, after I’ve set it up so I can read whilst doing so. 

With this cold (almost) firmly behind me, it’s time to get back on it. So this week’s plan is;

  • Today: 30-40mins bike
  • Tomorrow: 30 mins run
  • Wednesday: gym or 30-40mins bike
  • Thursday: karate
  • Friday: gym
  • Saturday: 6 mile run
  • Sunday: rest (I may swap this with the nexthe Monday though)

I am back on it.

Painting by numbers 

Did you know they do painting by numbers for adults?

Something I learnt today when thw Husband and I ventured into Hobbycraft after church today (always a bad idea unless I have both time and lots of money.. ). By virtue of the fact that I am stilling feeling ill,  and now extremely tired after a busy weekend, today has been my rest day rather than tomorrow. 

That’s OK – it’s meant a whole afternoon of relaxing and numbers and painting. Of course, it means tomorrow I’ll be on the bike as soon afternoons I’m back from my friends house but I can manage that. 

While I was painting and thinking about how I should be getting on my bike and worrying about all the little steps that need taking and how sometimes it feels like I’m not getting any where,  I also thought – all these little steps lead up to a bigger step, it’s just that I can’t see it yet. Like the painting by number’s, only when each number has been painted will you see the bigger picture but because you’re only painting a little at a time it can seem like there’s loads to do. By taking a step back though you can see how much has already been done, how far you’ve already come.

Forest of Dean

Sitting on the sofa, my feet aching and the chill has finally left my cheeks. Today we ventured to the Forest of Dean for a walk with some friends (Symonds Yat to be precise). We parked up the top, near Symonds Yat Rock and then climbed down step by step towards the village and a pub lunch. 

I’m sure there are several walks to be done in the area, but after climbing down I’m glad we did the one we did – over the river (by ferry), down the river, back over via rope bridge and back up the other side of the river. A fairly pleasant walk, even going across the bridge. 

Just to clarify; I am almost terrified of heights – by halfway across the bridge, with it shaking and swaying beneath my feet, my heart was beginning to pound. I made it across though (obviously). 

We climbed back up to the car park once we completedthe walk it’s a strange thing – I have nearly no problems climbing up somewhere,  but panic once it comes to coming back down. 

My fitbit tells me I have walked over the six miles that I would’ve been running today if other plans had been made. No wonder I feel so tired right now. 

Anyway, some pictures below for your perusal – including a tree trunk we walked past with coins hammered into it.