Running away with time

I ran further than I expected today. It was supposed to be a five mile run but, being unsure that I would manage that, I planned a 1.5mile loop that I could repeat if I wanted. One loop and another later and I had gone three miles. I nearly stopped after the first one (the frosty start to the day was off-putting), but I talked myself into another one. My fingers were numb and I could feel burning in my thighs but 3 miles in 38 minutes – some walking, most running – I’m pleased with that.

After that (I had gone early this morning), I went about my day – Coffee with the Grandparents, Lunch with Mum and my youngest sister. We also did a little shopping after lunch. I don’t usually enjoy shopping but I had a few things that I wanted to get and we popped into sports direct for some gym gear (my sister has joined the gym with me).

I have already done my exercise for the day, but I may do some stretches before I go to bed. That’s something I really do need to remember before and after training. That, and pace myself. I noticed this morning that I was really struggling. I’ve always been a sprinter, the starter in the relay race so running slowly is not something that I am used to. In an effort to run more than I walked, I was setting myself targets ie. run to that tree, get to that bush… but once I gave myself an option I found my speed increasing. Tomorrow I am planning a 35 minute run at the gym, so my targets will be time rather than location based so maybe I’ll manage to pace myself a bit better. Anyway, practice makes perfect, right?

Right, now, I am going to go back to playing Sims while the Husband is playing Halo with friends in the front room.

2 thoughts on “Running away with time

  1. So exciting to read about your half marathon goals Lucy. Each little milestone is such a great feeling. And yeah there will be times when there is a struggle such as you mentioned. When you overcome them as you have been doing it will make you that much stronger.

    Much admiration on your goals. You will do this! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m really enjoying the challenge so far and looking forward to sharing the experience. Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂

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