And so on…

Sunday, Monday…

One days rest had turned into two, but I have benefitted in other ways. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a massive dog person and by Saturday I was feeling in desparate need of some doggy attention. Thankfully we have family with dogs. 

On Sunday the plan was to borrow a dog and take him for a walk but the weather had other ideas (hello rain). No matter, an afternoon spent chatting with family and playing with the crazy dog was well worth it. 

I also spent some time messaging some friends  (anyone who knows me, also knows that I’m terrible at replying to messages) and learning some German. My Husband reminded me last week that one of my new year resolution’s was to be con disentangle enough to have a conversation on German with my German friends when they to come to visit (5 months and counting) – engage panic mode.

Today was movie Monday with my mates – at H’s house where she made cheese and potato pie in crusty rolls and we started our next marathon (Bridget Jones). Cue a few snacks and chats later, a sleepy me is on her way home. I was hoping to go the bike for half an hour, but I’m perfectly happy crawling into bed early(ish) for a change.  

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