Unfinished business

Why losing my job is one of the best things that’s happened…

Four weeks ago. Four weeks ago, I walked through my front door, freshly revived from a sunny holiday in Devon, to a letter on my door mat. No doubt hastily shoved through the letter box a matter of hours earlier, it basically said; don’t come back into the office.

Was I shocked? Well yes, a just little bit. No warning, no meetings, no conversations. Nearly two years of hard work was ended by a piece of paper.

I spent the first few days determined but thinking that they’d made a mistake. That they’d write to me again to say there’s been an error. That they’d call me and apologise. Then I realised, that actually I was the one making a mistake.

I was making a mistake by assuming that they valued myself and my skills enough to have me back, let alone keep me. Any company willing to drop me at the push of a button without warning is certainly not worth dwelling on. I cannot focus on what’s behind me, when I need to forge on ahead into my future.

I had to make myself see this for the opportunity that it is. Not the time to ponder on the past or mope around the house, but the time to explore not just my employment options but myself too. I’ve applied to over two hundred jobs, sent my CV out to a variety of companies, attended 6 interviews and not yet got anywhere. Yet, despite the job hunting and the trekking into town, the extra time I’ve had has allowed me to put my thoughts into order, to rediscover forgotten things and enjoy new ones.

I guess what I really want to say, is if you’re out there and you’ve lost your job or something like that… Just breathe. Yes, you may need to look for jobs and opportunities, but use this opportunity to learn a little about yourself, to rediscover something old or learn something new.

I may have lost my job, but I’ve found a little of myself.


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